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There are various ways to conserve energy in an apartment and increase one’s energy savings. With the help of some simple behavioural adjustments and some home improvements, your flat in Adyar can be an inspiration for people who are looking for ways to cut down their energy use.  People usually have two main motives for conserving energy- the first is to cut down the bills and the second, is to protect the environment.

Modern housing projects are more invested in building apartments and residential buildings that can conserve energy. So while searching for a luxury apartment in Adyar or 4 BHK apartments in Adyar, don’t forget to ask your agents for apartments that are instrumental in the conservation of energy. But before we delve deeper into various ways to conserve energy in your apartment, let’s understand the concept of energy conservation.

What is energy conservation?

The practice of reducing the cost by consuming less energy and hence lessening the environmental impact is the very core of energy conservation. This can be done in many ways such as reducing the use of electricity, gas, fossil fuels and all other forms of energy that we use in our daily lives and in the process reducing the amount we pay for it. 

Here are some ways we can conserve energy when living in flats:

  •       Making adjustments in day-to-day behaviour
  •       Replacing light bulbs
  •       Using smart power strips
  •       Insulate your home
  •       Run full loads  
  •       Making use of daylight

Making adjustments in day-to-day behaviour

Let’s take an example- there are several flats in Adyar, all belonging to the same apartment complex. But each of the flats has its energy consumption pattern. But if you want to make changes and don’t know where to start, making small changes in behaviour daily can make a lot of difference. At the beginning of your journey to conserve energy, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and buy equipment and appliances. Instead, turn off the lights when you are not using them. The same strategy can be applied to appliances not being used. Using energy-efficient and intensive appliances less and doing things manually like choosing air drying over a dryer for your clothes and your hair, washing dishes by hand and not using a dishwasher are all small changes in your daily habit that will have a big impact on the consumption of energy in your home.

The maximum amount of energy consumption in households comes from heating and cooling the space. So making efforts by reducing the use of air conditioners and heaters will make a significant change in the way you consume energy.

Replacing light bulbs

A beautiful flat in Adyar decorated with different kinds of light bulbs is undoubtedly beautiful to look at. But have you ever wondered how much electricity they consume? Any traditional incandescent light bulbs are guilty of consuming an outrageous amount of electricity. These can be replaced by more energy-efficient alternatives like compact fluorescent lights (CFOs) and light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs) are best known for their lesser consumption of electricity (25-80% less). These lights last longer than any traditional light bulb.

While CFOs and LEDs are on the pricier side, they are worth the investment as it pays off in the long run by costing less and saving more electricity!

Using smart power strips

Did you know that up to 75% of energy waste takes place when we switch off electronics at home but keep them plugged in? This phenomenon is known as Phantom Load and it costs a great deal of money every year in the form of electricity bills along with wastage of energy.

To reduce this waste, smart power strips can be used. They eliminate the problem of phantom load by shutting off the power of the electronic devices that we are no longer using.

Insulate your home

If you have to use a cooling or heating system in your flat, make sure to insulate your home properly. A lot of energy is wasted if your rooms are not insulated properly and cold air leaks out from the rooms. This will help you cool your rooms faster and keep them cold without having to turn on the air conditioner frequently. By insulating your rooms well, you will not only reduce your electricity bill but also ensure that your appliance lasts longer. Hence, it is an investment that will pay off in the long run. 

Run full loads  

Homes that use dishwashers and washing machines have a great way of saving energy. Instead of running a load when the machine is half-full leads to wastage of electricity and water. So wait until the machine is full to its capacity and then run the load. In case this is completely unavoidable, consider investing in a smarter appliance that allows you to use a smaller cycle based on the number of clothes or dishes you need to wash. Microwaves too should be used to their full capacity. So make sure to use all the racks and plan your cooking accordingly to save money and conserve energy.

Making use of daylight

We spend a significant amount of money on lighting out homes which can be avoided by using natural light. Have windows in the east and west to allow direct sunlight and less heat.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to conserve energy and we hope this blog has shed some light in the right direction to help you conserve energy in your flats. We can always start small and develop more sustainable habits that are good for us and the environment. 



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