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The Paradox of choice

Posted by Sundarji in TVH Blog

With the existing clutter in the marketplace, Do you have the required information to make the right choice while buying a home?
A home you can call your own is something everyone aspires for.

While the market may be teeming with great choices and options, not all of them may be the right fit.
Buying a house may not be very hard but buying a home is a different matter. A house is an investment; a home is your future.

Making the right choice, while navigating through the maze that is today’s market, is a bit of a challenge. The question is: can you make the right choice when your time comes? In a word, yes! But do you have the right information? You may need to work for it. Here’s how:

1. Go beyond just what is advertised.
2. List out your requirements clearly so you know exactly what you want and how much you’re willing to spend.
3. Ensure your financials are in order and look at different loan repayment options if you plan on taking a home loan.
4. While shortlisting your options, do a background check of the developers to ensure they have a proven track record.
5. Hold detailed discussions with the developers. It’s not about the hard sell, they should be able to answer all your questions convincingly and back it up.
6. Try and get in touch with people in the new neighbourhood for a different perspective.
7. Multiple tours of the site are also essential. Don’t just go by the first impression.
8. Before making any financial commitments, check for proof of all legal, regulatory and statutory compliances and hire a qualified person of your choice to inspect the site.

Once you follow all these measures, you should have the required information. Armed with the right information, you can confidently move towards realising your dream of a new home.

Buying a home is quite literally a life changing decision. So you need to do your homework thoroughly. Even if it means spending a bit more time, it will be worth it as you will know exactly what you’re looking for. You will also be less inclined to compromise on your new home.

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