A line of Gold Standard Homes by TVH.
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Immerse yourself in a Living Experience that will inspire your Next Big Leap.
Super Luxury 3 & 4 Bedroom Apartments in Chennai
Quadrant is the first in Oro’s lineup of Gold Standard Homes that are nearing possession. With panoramic views of the Bay of Bengal and the Adyar Estuary; Quadrant has been planned and designed by the world renowned Malaysian architectural firm Surbana Jurong.
A deep dive into the finer nuances of the building.
Adyar — the New Hotspot for Housing
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Luxury homes for Jet-Setters in Chennai
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CNBC — Awaaz Real Estate Awards 2014
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Silicon India Real Estate Awards 2015
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Integrated Smart Home Systems
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Custom Glass Facade
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A Five Star Lobby Experience
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An Integrated 3 Level Clubhouse
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A Tour of the Interiors
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Collaboration of the best design-minds
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Sweeping views of Chennai
& the Bay of Bengal.
Adyar River Estuary
Theosophical Society 260 Acres
Here's what people of your Caliber have to say.
Open space and Great views
format_quoteI feel very proud about owning something in Quadrant. Great location, great city... great builder. It was all good.format_quote
Family, Friends and Neighbours
format_quoteFor TVH, people are the strength. When i move in, I’ll probably meet new like minded people, there’s a suspense.format_quote
Feel at home in Adyar
format_quoteAdyar, as far as Chennai is concerned, that is the area that I feel most comfortable and most at home.format_quote
Raj Poduval
format_quoteThey certainly didn’t try to force the sale. Which if they probably had done, I would have walked away.format_quote
format_quoteYou should come and look at my apartment, It’s fantastic, pretty much a 360 degree view of the entire city.format_quote
Geetha Toke
format_quoteMy husband and I wanted to retire in India as I live in the US, we’ve been there for 44 years. Adyar is home, I grew up in Adyar... I went to school in Adyar.format_quote
format_quoteI feel Adyar is less congested, living here will be very calm and peaceful.format_quote
Homemaker & Entrepreneur
format_quoteKnowing that TVH is a good builder and that we have bought a house with them earlier, we said why not invest, it's in a central area.format_quote
Mala Janardhan
format_quoteThe person who developed it was so large hearted to leave so much open space for us.format_quote
Raja Narayan
format_quoteIt is now beginning to take shape very nicely, as we originally expected. We can see a lot of hard work going on now to get it out and get it completed.format_quote
Bhavani Narayan
format_quoteYou have to be positive that like minded people will come into the apartment and they want to keep the same standards.format_quote
R.Mahesh Kumar
Chartered Accountant
format_quoteMy experience so far in dealing with them has been extremely good. There is a lot of interaction, you know they follow up very extensively.format_quote
Help us find the Perfect Apartment for you.
3 Bedroom
Starting at ₹ 5.5 Cr.
2235 - 3260 SQFT
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4 Bedroom
Starting at ₹ 6.1 Cr.
3595 - 3615 SQFT
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