Green Living exemplified - TVH Taus
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Green Living exemplified – TVH Taus – OMR

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The concept of green living is highly misunderstood and it is time that one should get corrected definition. True Value Homes believes that green living is not for the sake of a tag but it should actually respect and follow a green model that betters health and lifestyle. TVH has been a real estate pioneer, to have followed the real model of a greener living and this is exemplified in its project TVH Taus on OMR in Chennai.

TVH Taus has been reviewed to follow the green living structure with full abidance. Taus exhibits a greener living with 75% of the total area dedicated to green space while residences are built only in the remaining 25%. The project has a total of 403 apartments with 3 apartments per floor without any common wall. It also has a large green courtyard for its residents to spend leisure and healthy moments.

The project is situated at Chennai’s IT Super Highway called the OMR. The project is IGBC Green Home Standard Compliant. It has an open air theatre which is beautifully crafted and is located at the heart of a pastoral landscape, designed for the ones who like it t he natural way. The project also has 100% rain water harvesting system and Non-CFC based cooling systems. Taus has beautiful terrace gardens to make your living even more fresh and beauty-laden.

TVH Taus is legally approved by DTCP. Many banks are giving special loan options for people to buy an apartment at Taus. The banks include HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, LIC Housing and ICICI Bank.

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