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Five simple ways to make your home energy efficient

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Today, almost everyone wants to make their homes energy efficient. Unfortunately most people find it hard to actually complete the process. This may be due to lack of time, wrong perception regarding cost of making a home energy efficient and lack of proper guidance.

When it comes to costs, energy efficiency steps may require an initial investment but it results in great long term savings.

Energy efficiency doesn’t just result in reduced electricity bills (although this is a huge benefit with electricity prices constantly rising). Looking at the big picture, energy efficiency contributes to creating a healthier environment to live in.

Making your home energy efficient is easier than you think. Here is a list of simple changes you can make in your home to enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency:

1. Use home appliances with a minimum 3-star rating:

While purchasing home appliances, always check for the star rating on the front- Higher the rating, better the energy efficiency. A minimum 3-star rating is generally a good rule to follow.

2. Switch to energy saving light bulbs:
Ditch your old bulbs and switch to CFLs and LED lamps. They may cost a bit more but are great when it comes to the long term as they help you save on electricity and generally have a long life.

3. Switch to inverters:

Inverters are much more energy efficient than traditional diesel generators. Homes generally don’t require large quantities of electricity to be generated and a good developer like TVH ensures the your home is green infrastructure compliant. Therefore an inverter does the job without the pollution and disturbance of a generator.

4. Use solar water heaters:
Traditional water heaters and geysers consume a lot of electricity. Solar water heaters help you save on this expense. Again, this involves an initial investment but they are generally low-maintenance, come with long warranties and result in huge savings over a period of time.

5. Use white tiles and paint on roofs with good insulation layer:

Lining your roof with white tiles and white or reflective shades of paint helps your home absorb less heat from the sun during the day. In a place like Chennai this can help reduce internal temperatures. The effects of this are manifold- less heat means cooler home conditions which in turn means lesser dependence on fans, air coolers & air conditioners and ultimately results in reduced electricity bills and energy efficiency.

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