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About Us


20 years | 7.1 Million Completed | 3000 + Happy Families

• Private Limited Company incorporated in 1997
• Head office in Chennai, with fully functional offices in Coimbatore, & Trichy
• 7.1 million sq.ft. of constructed residential and commercial space
• 4.1 million sq.ft. of projects under construction
• 12 million sq.ft. of projects in pipeline
• ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 Certified Company
• Member of the US Green Building Council since 2007

Destined for greatness

In 1997, a conglomerate of civil engineers with years of experience and hard work, an expansive vision and resolute dedication banded to strive towards breaking the bounds of real estate innovation in India.

Today, with a lot more than when we started, we stand as TVH. And with undying inclination, we have delighted in constantly innovating and advancing the threshold of real estate in South India.

TVH has come a long way since it was formed in 1997. What was once a small team of Civil Engineers with big dreams, has today become one of South India’s most respected realty companies. With ongoing projects across South India, marketing offices in Chennai Coimbatore, the team at TVH has its eyes set on the future to expand. A synergy of extensive experience, professional expertise and constant focus on innovation, TVH has many firsts to its credit, including Coimbatore’s largest residential gated community, the tallest residential building in Chennai, one of Chennai’s first truly green homes and lots more. Incorporating the very latest technology combined with green building practices into every project ensures that all TVH buildings are future ready. The company ensures that the very highest quality and safety standards are maintained across all projects, giving customers a wide range of quality projects that suits every budget.

At True Value Homes, it has always been about values; not just about principles, standards and ethics but also about reaching out to humanity at large. Making the world a better place, in whatever humble way we can, is a wholesome part of everything we do at TVH.

TVH strives to continually enhance performance to reach above customer expectations and build partnerships based on trust and commitment, all with the aim to become the benchmark for the construction industry. On the wings of our obsession for reliability, excellent service and quality, TVH also aspires to achieve the goal of consistently constructing 3 million sq.ft. of world-class spaces every year.

Pioneers in advancement (Corporate profile)

When we say breaking the bounds we mean it. TVH is the first real estate developer in the south to introduce Coimbatore’s largest residential gated community, the tallest residential building in Chennai, one of Chennai’s first truly green homes and lots more.

We pride ourselves in using latest technologies combined with green building practices into every project that bears the name of ‘TVH’.

At TVH, quality, safety standards, and above all, customer satisfaction and delight are held at the highest regard. Most importantly, we believe that we are contributing to the advancement of living and it is that belief that spurs us to do what we do best.

The business of building (Mission)

When we see a TVH building we see more than just dimensions and construction cost. Our values are outlined by not only what meets the eye but are also conscientiously deep-rooted.
Excellence driven by quality and enhanced innovation. These are the factors that attribute every project that we undertake from start to finish.

Strong ethical standards and fair practice is the essence of our organization. This reflects in how we tend to our business, our customers and our employees.
Our relationship with our customers is our most valuable asset. This ideology headlines every day of our operation. From descriptive and transparent pricings to prompt delivery, nothing encourages more than that ear-to-ear smile we see on our customer’s faces.

Blueprint for the future (Vision)

– Seeking no limits to providing our customers with the best products and services that a real estate developer can offer
– Delivering globally renowned service and product quality to benchmark ourselves in the construction industry
– Continually evolving as builders/developers by means of technology, safe work environments, cutting edge logistics and business strategies
– Making a nationwide mark in the real estate business with high standard of ethics, workmanship, and integrity
– Driving our obsession for reliability to achieve the goal of consistently constructing 3 million square feet of quality construction every year

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